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With an end to end approach, we help our clients save costs and improve customer experience through embedding intelligence into their processes, automating and standardizing them.

Our most important goal is our clients’ loyalty. Our mission is to be our clients' success enabler. For most of our client, we started with a 3 months project and we became their long term supplier and partner.


What we do for our Clients

our aproach



Exploring and discovering

We begin every project by intimately getting to know you, your business and your target users and customers. We'll formulate personas, gather data and craft a plan to begin structuring a world-class design product tailored to your business goals.

Finding the solution

Once we 've gathered the insights about who we're designing for, we'll begin to explore design solutions that solve for the complex problems we'll be tackling. This phase is full of collaborative conversations and all-around think tank sessions to really nail down how we can create the best user experoience possible for your specific users and customers.

Prototype, test, iterate, repeat

This is where we get our hands dirty. We'll begin churning out solutions, ideas and prototypes to validate (or discredit) our design assumptions. This is a cyclical, iterative process until we get it right. This is the heart of any and every design process and gives us proof that our design works, solves the problems at hand and is compeltely tailored to your end users.

Designing the product

Our favorite part: designing. This is the creative phase where we bring everything to life and our hard works begins to shine. You'll begin to see the product come to fruition. We're warning you now: prepare to have your mind blown with our creative output. Your business is never going to be the same. We guarantee it.


Our favorite part: designing. This is the creative phase where we bring everything to life and our hard works begins to shine. You'll begin to see the product come to fruition. We're warning you now: prepare to have your mind blown with our creative output. Your business is never going to be the same. We guarantee it.

About us

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Why do our Clients choose us



Proven experience turning around, managing and delivering complex and high added value projects


With our end to end approach, we strengthen positive effects on your business processes and prevent negative side effects


Proven experience shaping and delivering patented innovations and  innovative solutions for startups and research institutes



We leverage Machine Learning to reduce your prediction cost and therefore you operational costs

Big Data

Expertise in creating value from structured and unstructured big data and leveraging it for business success


We deliver with agility and predictability. All our inhouse developments are delivered with the Agile model. Our people integrate seamlessly into our Client's Agile delivery model.



Shaping and developing high-performance software solutions for more than 10 years


Customer and Operational Excellence are features of all we do and deliver for our Clients

Cost-effective Processes

Proven experience automating and optimizing prediction cost, transaction cost and strengthening customer excellence within business processes

Risk Sharing

We share the risk with our Clients. We adapt our delivery model to that of our Clients and offer the service model that lower the risk for them.


What do our Clients say about us

"REVARTIS was selected as our software development supplier for developing a turn-key Bacteria classification software solution. Through this collaboration, we discovered a team of experts with wide experience. Their availability, flexibility, commitment, and agile approach enabled them to deliver a highly performant solution that is shaped to be easy to use for our researchers, the end-users. At a certain point, I had the impression that the REVARTIS team was part of our organization. It is pleasant and easy to work with REVARTIS especially because the team is able to adapt its communication to non-experts in computer programming. Not only, they delivered a solution that supports all our requirements, but they also have been able to see the whole project and to advise us on new features and evolutions of our solution. Moreover, they remain available for any questions and post-delivery adaptations. I will recommend REVARTIS for their professionalism, expertise, and their full dedication to the projects. Their soft skills make them great to work with."
Julien Peyroux
Project Responsible & PhD candidate, Grenoble University Hospital, France
“We found in REVARTIS our right partner for developing our Machine Learning enabled software solution to manage our unique Bacteria incubator and classifier. REVARTIS Team brought the expertise we needed and delivered a high-quality and unique software solution that meets our expectations. REVARTIS team can quickly understand our challenges, teams up with our experts, and those of our other R&D partners to eventually shape and deliver the right solution. REVARTIS is more than a software development supplier for us. REVARTIS is our reliable and committed partner that we can count on. We are proud that REVARTIS became our exclusive Software Development Partner.”
Ahmed Alsoufi
CEO Biokubes, France
I have selected Revartis in 2015 when was responsible of mobile projects at UPC Switzerland and since then, the partnership has become more and more stronger thanks to the skills and know how brought by the Revartis team.Revartis took initially the overall responsibility of defining and deploy the end to end processes for the mobile offer for B2B customers and is currently a fundamental resource for the delivery of services in many other areas.The team was very fast integrated in the large UPC organization and provided immediately high support to the requested solution.An important assess of the team is the ability to work with many stakeholders, including “C” levels.After a very profitable experience with telecommunication services, UPC requested Revartis to help also with very high complex certifications, which have been successfully delivered by the team.I am grateful to Revartis team for the support and having helped me and UPC to succeed in many projects.Looking for an opportunity to start a new partnership with them.
Nicola Berardocco
VP Cellular Services & Operations Telecom26 AGZug, Switzerland
Libercare positions itself as a service provider for all information and emergency requests, 7 days a week 24 hours a day. Regardless wherever one is, what one does. Libercare contributes with supporting- and information services to self-reliance, comfort, care and security of its customers. Looking to the trends and developments in the senior citizen society like. Demographic projections show that the number of people aging 65 years or older (65+) in the Netherlands will increase coming decades from 2.7 million to 4.7million - 70% of the 65+ has one or more chronical diseases. The classic welfare state will slowly turn into a participative society.From every citizen capable there may be asked to take responsibility for his or her own life and environment. There is social need for independent 65+. Individualization and independence are the trend.The 65+ and the chronical ill have more free time available and have more focus on active and healthy living. The 65+ are willing to spend 28% of their disposable income to ensure control over the details of their lives. You may think that selecting the right IT partner was extremely difficult, but it wasn’t.
Already after our initial workshop with REVARTIS we felt that we had met the right partner to move us forward. REVARTIS understood from the beginning the journey and route that Libercare had to take to fulfil its ambition. REVARTIS has delivered high performance and high-performance solutions that have proven that the operational excellence can be accelerated, everyday again! Thank you REVARTIS Team!
Aart Bakker
CEO Libercare
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Our mission is to be your success enablers

We help you uncover the profits that lay hidden in your business processes and your data

Clients hire us to help them save operational costs, recover leakages, and increase profits. So we can do it for you as well. We help reduce costs and churn. You know your challenges and the results you aim to achieve. You may have started but lack specialists capacity or have tried but you are not satisfied with the results. We can help you find solutions and turn around the situation at your advantage.
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